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Beef and Mutton

Beef and Mutton

200/201 Beef with oyster sauce 260/400 g.
202/203 Hot plate beef with vegetable 260/400 g.
204/205 Beef cooked in Sichuan style (spicy) 260/400 g.
208/209 Stir –fried beef slices (hot) 260/400 g.
210/211 Mutton fried with spices 200/300 g.
212/213 Quick-fried mutton with onion 260/400 g.
214/215 Stewed mutton 260/400 g.
216 Beef stoneach cooced in sichyan style 300 g.
218/219 Hot with bamboo and Chinese mushrooms 260/ 400 g.

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