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031/032 Egg soup with tomato 150/1000 g.
033/034 Hot and spicy soup 150/1000 g.
035/036 Soup with tofu and Chinese parsley 150/1000 g.
037/038 Hun Dun soup 150/1000 g.
039/040 Chicken soup with bamboo 150/1000 g.
041/042 Soup with pork and pickled mustard roots 150/1000 g.
043/044 Beef soup in УXi HuФ style 150/1000 g.
045/046 Hot and sour tofu soup 150/1000 g.
047/048 Hot and sour tofu soup 150/1000 g.
049/050 Corn soup with shrimps 150/1000 g.

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